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Church and cloister of San Giacomo

Latitudine: 45.400069

Longitudine: 9.874801

The church of San Giacomo was built in the 14th century where there once stood a “Xenodochium”, a hostel for pilgrims that dated back to midway through the 12th century. In 1361 the church became the parish church and was entrusted to the Lateran Canons of San Cataldo in Cremona who completed the bell tower, with its unusual heptagonal shape (seven-sided). In 1428 the church was passed on to the Dominicans. Between 1456 and 1468 the cloister was built, and is still standing, and immediately afterwards the apse area was built along with the crypt and the raised chancel. Inside, the rich fresco decoration is the work of brothers Alessandro and Giuseppe Natali from Cremona, who completed it in 1696, with the aid of quadratura artists Pietro Ferrari and Antonio Sirone. Worthy of note is the group of sculptures in terracotta depicting the Lamentation of the Dead Christ, probably by Agostino de Fondulis. “