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Parish church of Santa Maria Assunta

Latitudine: 45.399712

Longitudine: 9.874402

The construction of an initial place of worship dates back to the fifth century, but this was later rebuilt in Roman times. Today’s church is the result of several transformations, and a total refurbishment in 1580 significantly changed the 12th-13th century structure. In the late Renaissance period the church was entirely frescoed by Coronaro (1585) and Uriele Gatti from Cremona. The Baroque period saw the addition of an elongated choir (1601-1615) and side chapels. The earthquake of 1802 seriously damaged the church, so much so that from 1883 to 1888, architect Carlo Maciachini restored and extended it. The portal is preceded by a porch supported by lions, with a central rose window. On the spire of the bell tower stands a modern statue of Our lady of the Assumption. The interior is in neo-Gothic style and houses several paintings including a canvas by Flemish artist Mathias Stom, probably painted in Palermo. In the left-hand aisle, above the old baptismal font you can admire a beautiful early sixteenth century fresco depicting the Holy Trinity, which had been covered and was only discovered in 1843 during restoration work.