Administration and Operating Structures

The headquarters – for administration and tourism and for culture-education – of the Parco Oglio Nord Public Authority are located in the towns of Orzinuovi (Piazza Garibaldi no. 15, Tel. 030 9942033 – Fax. 030 9946564 – and Soncino (Via Cattaneo no. 1, Tel. 0374 837067 – Fax. 0374 838630 –

In actual fact, both contexts are the most characteristic in terms of culture, art, history and social-economic development in the entire area concerned. What is more, they are situated on the midline of the fluvial axis. Just a short distance away, at Torre Pallavicina (BG), is the headquarters of the Environmental Protection agency (GEV – Guardie Ecologiche Volontarie, Via Madonna di Loreto sn – c/o Molino di Basso, Tel. 0363 996556 – Fax 0363 996063). It is located inside an old mill, Molino di Basso.