The River Oglio and its Park

The River Oglio is formed by the confluence of two mountain streams, the Frigidolfo and the Narcanello, near Ponte di Legno, a famous winter resort in the upper Camonica Valley. We are in the province of Brescia. The Oglio runs the full length of the mountain Valley, swelled by several tributaries; it reaches the Po Valley after having emptied into the Sebino, flowing alongside Franciacorta, to resume its course until reaching the Po: a total of 280 km that split the valley in two, from north to south. The river also forms the natural boundary between the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua.

┬áThe flow of the river, as well as manmade works, have shaped the surrounding landscape to create natural, rural and artistic – historic perspectives, now enclosed within the boundaries of the adjacent regional river park. The Parco Oglio Nord Public Authority was established in 1988 and includes 34 towns in the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona. The area within the province of Mantua comes under the protection of the Parco Oglio Sud.