Typical food and wine products

With its wealth of flavours and traditions, the Oglio Valley offers a huge variety of typical products, often produced by small family run businesses, and “humble” dishes that are traditional to local culture. From what is caught on Lake Iseo to the flour produced in Cremona’s countryside, from soft cow’s milk cheese to local game, this wide range of flavours is sure to please even the most demanding palate. Quarantino flour is used to prepare steaming hot polenta to be served with local meats and cheeses. Special chutneys made with seasonal fruits and honey are enriched with aromas and hazelnuts to accompany appetizers. The black truffle has recently made an appearance on local dining tables whilst the delicious bitter root boasts a tradition that has been enjoyed for thousands of years within the city walls of Soncino. The widely recognised curative and cleansing properties of this root, cooked or raw, used in preserves or salads, is remembered and celebrated every October during an important feast dedicated to it. Risottos with wild and aromatic herbs, such as Loertiss (common hop) or perhaps “Casoncelli alla Bresciana” or “alla Bergamasca”, meat filled ravioli served with melted butter and sage, are followed by mixed boiled meats, sausages and stews made with donkey or wild boar. Last but not least, homemade jam tarts bring this journey of discovery to a close.